Jun. 27th, 2016

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Can anyone please help me figure out how to get high quality photos from a video on a dvd?

My second shooter at a wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago did not get some of the shots I asked of him. Now I have numerous great photos of the bride with her various family members (my shots) and none of the groom with his family.

The mother of the bride has the dvd from the videographer. Can I get high quality shots from that? If so - how? Like, how exactly, cuz though I'm a photographer and artist and writer, I suck at technical crap and I don't do video. I'm fairly adept at photoshop and lightroom as far as processing photos, and know some Illustrator, but that's the extent of my know-how, including what kind of extensions go with what. I have creative suite if that helps, though I've never used any of the other software in it.

Or do I need to get some different kind of source from the videographer himself? I need to get this done asap. The bride lives close so is easier to get her dvd, but if the quality will suck I need to get a hold of the videographer asap.

Thank you!


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